Full Kitchen Remodel

ACME recently did a complete remodel of my kitchen, and I could not be happier with my kitchen or with ACME. Being a family business, there is a level of warmth and personal-touch to the customer care, and their experience is evident in the way they problem-solve making one’s dream kitchen a reality. Our project was rather substantial. In addition to completely gutting all kitchen cabinets, appliances and fixtures, our project extended into other parts of our home. We wanted the kitchen hardwood refinished and new hardwood tied into the living room. The kitchen window needed to be moved in order to be centered over the sink, which was a challenge due to brick exterior. Our old cabinets were in decent shape, so we wanted to refinish a few of them to be used in our laundry room and the other salvageable ones moved to the basement for later projects. New gas and electrical needed to be run to service our new appliances. And we had some trim in our living room that we wanted to extend into the kitchen to tie the rooms together. Because there were so many elements to our project, we needed a team, who could understand the challenges and find the right solutions. Josh and Kayla not only understood our style and vision but also understood how to navigate the complexities of this massive renovation. They helped us get organized with temporary prep and pantry spaces, provided us with perfect solutions to our custom needs, and found the beautiful finishing touches to fit our style. They have an exceptional team, who treated our home with respect and executed each part of our project as we hoped.


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