Island Living: The Top Benefits of a Kitchen Island


On average, we spend around 37 minutes a day prepping, serving, and cleaning up meals. For some demographics, this number is even higher.

Considering we need to eat to live, there’s no denying that the kitchen is a vital part of any house. Arguably, it’s the most important room. So you want to make sure it’s a space you enjoy spending your time in.

One thing that can add to the beauty of your kitchen is an island. Want to find out more about it? Here are some of the top benefits of getting a kitchen island for your home.

It Adds to the Aesthetics

Have you always wanted to have a high-end kitchen? Then getting a kitchen island is certainly a step in the right direction.

A well-designed kitchen island can create a strong focal point for anyone who walks into the area. It can accentuate the general aesthetics you have going on in the kitchen and give it some dimension.

In a traditional kitchen, people’s eyes are drawn to the rows of cabinets. But not in your kitchen: they’ll immediately be attracted to the luxurious kitchen table you have right in the middle. Take your kitchen to the next level with an interesting but elegant kitchen island.

More Room to Cook and Prep

Currently, you probably only have a small countertop area to prep and cook food on. Once you’ve gotten all your ingredients, bowls, and pots out, there’s barely any room to maneuver everything. It can get annoying trying to put things here and there as if you’re playing Tetris.

Adding a kitchen island can give you tons more room to work with. Some people choose to put their range on the island to free up space on their original countertop, while others choose to use the island solely as a prep space.

Whatever you decide on depends on your personal tastes. If you like to entertain while you cook, having the range on the kitchen island can be ideal since you can cook while remaining in close proximity to your guests.

More Room for Amenities

For those who feel like your kitchen is too plain, you’ll definitely benefit from a kitchen island. You’ll make use of space that was once empty, which opens up other spaces that were more cramped before.

For instance, if you’ve always wanted a wine cooler, but never had space, you can now get one on the bottom part of your kitchen island. Or, if you needed more fridge or freezer space, you can also put a small one on the bottom part.

More Storage Space

Do you have piles of pots, pans, or dishes just sitting in boxes? Or, even worse, they’re just scattered across your countertops?

This can be a real inconvenience when you need those things and they’re in the garage. Or it can really cramp your style when you’re trying to prepare food and there are dishes all over the place.

When you design your kitchen island, you can utilize the bottom part as storage space. Whether it’s cabinets, shelves, or drawers, you can stack your kitchen items neatly in them and access them instantly whenever you need them.

Have a Central Gathering Area

If you love to entertain, a kitchen island gives your kitchen a central gathering area. How many times have you thrown a party, but felt left out because you were prepping and cooking while everyone else was socializing in the living room?

You’ll no longer feel this way with a kitchen island. By installing one, you can enjoy spending some time with your guests in this area. They can easily gather around and enjoy some light snacks and drinks while you cook.

A kitchen island can also provide a good space for your kids to do their homework in. You’ll get to spend quality time with them while taking care of your family’s meals.

Get Additional Seating in Your Kitchen

While you may usually have meals with just your spouse, you may want to invite another couple over for some double dates. Eating in random spots of the house might suffice for the two of you, but with some guests, that won’t be acceptable.

Not only can a kitchen island provide more storage and workspace, but it can also double as a small dining table as well. Just add a few bar stools and a few people can gather around for an intimate meal.

Add Value to Your Home

If you’re thinking of maybe selling your house in the future, adding a kitchen island can bump up the value. Not only can you benefit from the immediate perks of it (such as better aesthetics, more storage space, and more workspace), but you’ll get a great bonus later on, too.

When you go to sell your home, the investment you’ve made in the kitchen can raise the value over the overall home by at least 80% of what you paid. By spending some money now, you can potentially get a free kitchen island in the end!

Install a Kitchen Island in Your Home

A kitchen island can be a wonderful addition to your house. Not only can it give you more space for work and storage, but it can also create a strong focal point in this room.

There are many possibilities for a kitchen island, so if you’re considering one, have a professional help you with the design and execution. You can have your dream kitchen brought to life with the right help!

For help designing and building your new kitchen island, get your free consultation now.

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