6 Inspiring Bathroom Ideas for Your Upcoming Remodel

The purpose of a home is to provide comfort, security and act as a personal sanctuary. Your bathroom should be no different. If anything it should be more focused on your use than most other rooms because of its personal nature. Thus, your bathroom should be built in a way that provides you the most quality. 

How can you do this? By creating a custom bathroom. Custom bathrooms can display your personality and showcases your taste. When stepping into your own customized bathroom, you should feel a sense of comfort and relaxation. 

By making renovations to your bathroom you not only make it more comfortable for you and your family, you can increase the value of your home. Depending on the bathroom, it can be a high traffic spot and should be built appropriately. 

Remodeling your bathroom takes more creativity, so sometimes you need new bathroom ideas to give you inspiration. Customizing your bathroom usually requires more time and resources, but still, remodeling your bathroom is an excellent way to scrap that cookie cutter design and create something exciting. 

Want to renovate your bathroom but short on inspiration? Check out this gallery of fantastic bathroom ideas for some surefire inspiration!


Vintage Theme

The vintage theme is one of the bathroom trends that is making a comeback in 2019. With a mix of using gold fixtures, rich wall colors and octagonal floor tiles, you can make your customized bathroom unique in a way unlike any other. 

Install a pedestal sink to give your space an unexpected pop of visual variety. Although smaller than your normal vanity, pedestal sinks can provide a luxurious contrast in your space.  

Have windows in your bathroom? Utilize stained glass to provide more privacy and an aesthetic accent to your bathroom. 

Lastly, create a center point in your bathroom by replacing your old one piece bathroom/shower combo for a claw-foot bathtub. Hang a colorful curtain from a ceiling-mounted rod to give yourself more privacy while you soak away your cares in your custom vintage bathroom.


Darker Theme

Taking a step in the opposite direction from vintage, the use of black in your bathroom can provide a very modern feel. 

Make a statement in your bathroom by installing a black sink and toilet. The contrast it gives with a light bathroom can make it feel unique and luxurious. 

Want to take it even farther? Add black marble or subway tile in your standup glass shower to give your bathroom a regal, glamorous look. Do this to create either an inconspicuous background or a featured tile wall. Even better, check out monotone stone surfaces for your bathroom floors and walls. They are durable and water resistant and can provide plenty of character to your new bathroom.

When creating a darker themed bathroom, be careful with how much you use. Make sure you have lighting or light colored contrasts to break it up. Dark themes can be a fantastic step toward modern, but if overused can make your bathroom dark and dingy. 


Compact Storage Spaces

Are you sick of messy cabinet spaces and clutter everywhere? Incorporate new 2019 ideas that will display simpler designs and minimize the item and space required. 

Storage can be simplified to accommodate things that matter most in your bathroom. By utilizing compact storage space you promote minimalist habits. This lifestyle can relieve stress and keep your bathroom organized. 

Even if your living room is not minimal, your bathroom should be neat, and a sanctuary for comfort. You can install hidden cabinets which can make your bathroom less cluttered. It can transform your bathroom into an organized place for relaxation. 


Big Bathtubs & Showers

If you are seeking a bathroom remodel, you might consider having more space. The desire to have more space is the ultimate goal of remodeling. If you have more space than you have more room for customization. 

By installing a big bathtub you give yourself the optimal space for relaxing after a long day. Bathtubs are also a primary factor in reselling your home. Majority of people believe there should be at least one tub in every household. 

If you’re more interested in a standup shower, go big! The bigger the better when it comes to showers. It can provide you more space and storage for bathroom accessories and can even give you room to install a bench. 

Standup showers encased in glass can also provide a high luxury feel. Especially if you utilize the black subway tile that we mentioned above.


Smart Mirrors

A smart mirror is like any other mirror but is manufactured with a lot of hardware and technology like temperature sensors, LED for illumination, LCD display for information, internet connection, and touch capabilities. 

They even have anti-fog technologies that have smart touch abilities. These unique technological mirrors have been all the buzz.

These mirrors can give you information on the day, weather/forecast, emails, calendar, and estimated traffic on your drive to work. 

This is a great way to provide more functionality and a really cool focal feature to your new bathroom. 


Underfloor Heating System

If you have to use a pair of slippers to escape cold feet, you need to think again!

A heating system is the answer. When the temperature in your floor goes down, the underfloor heating system turns on and heats your bathroom floor. The underflow heating mechanism can be installed in pretty much all floor coverings. 

These heating systems are also effortless to run. They need virtually no maintenance and most come with a 30 year guarantee for total peace of mind. You can even set your heating system up to a programmable thermostat that can be programmed to ensure the heating comes on at certain times, giving you the option to switch it off at night. 

Creative Bathroom Ideas

Whether you’re renovating your new home or just remodeling your bathroom, don’t settle with cookie-cutter designs. A cookie-cutter bathroom lacks character and personality and won’t give you what you desire. Make your bathroom a comfortable and private sanctuary for you and your family. 

Use the tips and and ideas we listed above to help you achieve your dream look.

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