7 Compelling Reasons to Install Granite Countertops in Your Kitchen

The eye-catching and coveted granite is an expensive countertop choice. For many homeowners, it’s also a great investment for their kitchens and bathrooms. Thus, granite countertops have become both a luxury and a practical preference.

The total revenue for the countertop manufacturing industry reached $1 billion this 2019. Granite is one of the most popular countertop choices for many Americans. 

For a list of the reasons why a lot of people prefer granite countertops, read on below.


Granite is Earth-Friendly

The unique and luxurious natural look of granite makes for a nice high-end kitchen idea. Its appealing beauty comes in the striking appearance of granite. Granite countertops will have an almost luminous look to them.

If you don’t like the look of plain granite, it’s also possible to get countertops in marbled or speckled patterns. Most granite colors available are good to match with the typical kitchen wood colors. If you want atypical colors, many granite manufacturers will have a variety of colors too. 


Adds Value to Your Kitchen

Installed and sealed well, granite countertops are valuable. They can increase not only your kitchen’s value but also your home’s. Also, having granite as countertop material will never suffer a depreciation.

Even after a decade of living in your house, your granite counter will likely be good as new still. And if you wanted to sell your home even in years from now, its value will increase due to the granite in your kitchen. To some potential house buyers, the granite countertops may even be the deal-sealer.

Some of the reasons why granite is valuable are its sturdiness and aesthetic quality. Granite’s heat resistance is also another great reason for its high value. Below, we discuss further these qualities and advantages of having granite counters. 


Resistant to Bacteria and Dirt

Having a granite counter isn’t all for show. Its functionality, one of many, lies in its hygienic properties as well. If you want to avoid bacterial contamination and dirt buildup, choose granite.

Granite is moisture-resistant by nature. When sealed, it becomes resistant to all liquids and oils. The sealant blocks out all possible moisture, stains, and bacterial buildup. 

The smooth surface of sealed granite also makes it easy to sanitize. Since kitchen counters are always kept clean, there’s not much to do in this instance. If you’re thinking about considerations for kitchen remodeling, installing granite counters is one of the best ones to make.


Easy to Clean

Want to know how easy granite countertops are to clean? Often, warm water, a mild detergent and a wipe down are all you need to clean it. That’s how easy to clean a granite countertop is.

Another one of the benefits of granite is that it isn’t easy to stain. Unless it’s sealed with a pre-existing stain, your countertop is safe from stains and dirt. It’s also worth noting that some granite countertops do well even when left unsealed.

In general, you should seal most kitchen granite countertops yearly. If you want to know if it’s time to reseal, dribble water onto the countertop. If the water soaks into the granite, that’s when you know you need to reseal.


Granite Countertops Are Durable

Kitchen remodeling may cost from $12,594 to $33,118, giving an average spend of $21,751. If you want to make sure your kitchen is worth the remodeling cost, choose granite for your countertops. 

Granite is a durable substance and the best choice for kitchen countertops.

It is one of the reasons why granite countertops don’t depreciate in value. With their amazing durability, they could last forever. In technicality, it’s a con if you get tired fast of a kitchen countertop color. 

Since granite is a hard material, it makes for a scratch-resistant counter. It can stand the test of time as well as against the common countertop wear and tear. Also, granite is so tough, it’s tougher than Formica.

As a note, the material is heavy but durable. This is why it’s best to add structural support, especially in spans and cantilevers. The addition of granite to cabinets also helps make them more durable.

Another con here is that granite is difficult to remove when glued onto the cabinets. If you try to remove granite from the cabinets, you might end up damaging it. A tip here is to make a good final decision on whether you want your cabinets against granite. 


It Is Easy to Fix

If you put up a knife against granite, you’ll end up with a damaged knife. A cat’s scratches won’t be enough to damage a granite countertop either. In the rare event that you do more than scratch it, it will be easy to fix. 

Damaged granite countertops can get fixed with a kind of putty. To fix a chip, a professional installer will use putty that’s colored like your countertop. He will then reseal the stone so it has protection from spills.

The ease of fixing it is one of the advantages of granite countertops. Paired with the durability of granite, it’s no wonder that installing the material costs a lot. Still, having granite countertops is a smart investment for homeowners.



One of the biggest benefits of granite countertops is that it can take the heat of a pan fresh from the stove. No matter how hot the underside of your pan or pot, a granite countertop can take it. The stonework won’t get damaged or weakened with heat exposure.

It’s the ideal material to use around the range or cooktop. No matter how pristine your countertop, it won’t blister. Add this quality to the fact that granite is so easy to clean and you have the perfect countertop choice.

Add Luxury to Your Kitchen

That’s it for our list of the benefits of granite countertops in your kitchen. As you can see, they serve as more than a luxury piece. They are practical and durable investments as well. 

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