DIY or Not? 5 Home Renovation Projects You Should Leave to the Pros

Before taking on any projects by yourself, you have to consider: do I want to DIY or not?

Some DIY projects are a great way to spend a weekend or two, but on the other hand, there are some that are not only extensive but should only be attempted by professionals who know what they’re doing. Here are 5 home renovation projects that need to be left to the pros.


Any Project Where You Don't Know What You're Doing

Before you undertake any kind of DIY project, you need to ask yourself a few questions. One of the main questions you ask should be: Do I know what I’m doing?

If you can’t explain to someone else exactly what it is you’re doing and why you shouldn’t be undertaking this kind of DIY project. Some of the biggest DIY disasters come about when people get into them without understanding the project at its core.

This is also true for tools; you should never use any kind of tool without first understanding what it is and how it works. If you can’t figure out how it works, read the manual and watch tutorials on YouTube until you do.

If you don’t follow this advice, you’re likely to end up with mediocre work at best. You might even end up in a situation where you’re risking the safety of yourself and others.

If you don’t have much technical knowledge, stick to simpler and safer projects like painting.


Projects That Take a Long Time

Just because you have the ability to do something yourself doesn’t mean you should do it; a DIY project could take a long time. Maybe you need to finish things on a deadline or you have better ways to spend your time.

If you’re working full time, you might only have time to work on a project on weekends. This could mean you have to spend weeks completing a project, and it’ll take up all of your free time.

Sometimes, it makes sense to bring in some outside help to get the project completed in a timely fashion. A professional team will be able to complete a big project in a short span of time, leaving you free to pursue other things during your free time.

If you’re married, your partner probably doesn’t want to live in a construction site for months at a time. You might also want to consider bringing in outside help if you have other projects going on that could make you money.

It doesn’t make sense to do a DIY project if you could’ve been doing something that’d earn you more than it’d cost to hire someone to do it.


Electrical, Gas, or Plumbing Projects

If your proposed project involves anything to do with electricity, gas, or plumbing, then you shouldn’t consider trying to do it by yourself. When things go wrong in these areas, not only can it be financially devastating, but medically as well.

The wrong wiring could result in electrocution if you don’t know what you’re doing. Messing with gas could result in an accidental explosion, and doing DIY work on your plumbing could result in you flooding your home.

People who work with these things spend a lot of time getting educated. They know all about the health and safety aspects of their profession and are unlikely to do anything that’d endanger anyone or cause an accident.

If you’re not qualified to do these kinds of jobs, you shouldn’t attempt it. It’s not worth the risk of something going wrong. Call in the professionals and make sure the job is done right.

In some cases, it might not even be legal for you to do this kind of work yourself when you’re not trained and qualified. With things like electrical wiring, it can seem fine, but end up setting on fire days later; don’t risk it.


If Asbestos Is Involved

Asbestos was once considered to be a miracle insulator and was used in a lot of construction. Unfortunately, we realized that breathing in its fibers could cause a lot of damage to our lungs. Because of this, it’s necessary to bring in a specialist team to safely remove it.

If your home contains any asbestos whatsoever, it should be on the record. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It was quite widely used before we realized it was dangerous, so a lot of asbestos has slipped through the cracks.

If you encounter anything that you suspect to be asbestos, stop working immediately and call in a professional. Asbestos disposal has to be done very carefully by someone who’s trained and experienced. Attempting to remove asbestos yourself is taking a huge risk for you and your family’s health.


Tiling a Bathroom

This might seem like an easy DIY job, but it’s actually a lot harder than you might think to tile a bathroom. Quite often, people who try to do this kind of work themselves end up realizing it’s a mistake.

Tiling a bathroom requires a level of precision you can only get with practice. If you attempt to do it yourself, you’ll probably make some sloppy-looking mistakes that you’ll have to look at for years to come.

If you feel the need to do some kind of DIY project in your bathroom, you could consider something like painting or swapping out faucets and shower heads.

To DIY or Not, That Is the Question

When deciding whether to DIY or not, you need to consider what could go wrong. What’s the worst that could happen?

Let’s say you want to do some painting. Even if it’s a disaster, no one is going to get hurt. At worst, you’ll just have to repaint it.

On the other hand, if you want to do something like rewiring your electricity, you could get electrocuted or it could set on fire. In the face of these kinds of possibilities, you should always bring in a professional. It’s not worth the risk.

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