What to Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether you have a small powder room or a grand master suite, your bathroom is a personal space that you spend a lot of time in. The design of your new bathroom usually consists of big dreams and practical realities – Combining luxurious fixtures and finishes with great day to day usability. This, however, can be more difficult than most think. Read below to learn about what to consider before you start your bathroom remodel.


Understand How You Utilize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a very personal space. This means as contractors or DIYers you are required to perform some very personal thinking / question asking when remodeling your bathroom. It is important to recognize “how you use your bathroom” to help you understand the key points you need to focus on when remodeling. How often do you use the bathroom? Do you utilize your bathroom for more than the obvious activities – does a spa like bathroom sound nice? Do you share your bathroom with your spouse and kids? Shower or baths? Master or Guest? These are the questions that will help you understand your wants and needs in a bathroom remodel.

Does Your Plumbing Need to be Relocated?

Understanding your design is extremely important and can save you a lot of money. Your bathrooms design all starts with the location of your current plumbing. Is it possible for you to keep the same system? Or will you have to relocate your vent, water, and drain lines? Deciding to rearrange your layout will most likely double, and in some cases triple your plumbing costs. This is because majority of the work is under-floor work that requires pulling up the subfloor and reworking the plumbing between floor joists. If you’re able to accomplish your main goals when starting your bathroom remodel without moving the current plumbing system, you will have a larger budget for materials and accessories!

Storage… Is There Enough?

When remodeling a bathroom, one of the biggest concerns is storage. There’s either not enough storage or not enough room for storage. We’ll start with the large bathroom but little storage example. In this case, you’re lucky. You have the room to create your dream bathroom with the perfect amount of storage for you and your family.  Consider choosing a vanity with drawer storage rather than doors – they can be easier to access and easier to organize. If you like the idea of a floating vanity, consider adding a floating shelving system underneath the sink.  

For smaller bathrooms consider a “storage ladder” or floating shelves that are fastened against the wall over the toilet. Utilize medicine cabinets – You really can’t go wrong with medicine cabinets. Most hear the words “medicine cabinets” and think of the old falling apart ones at their Grandmas house, however, nowadays there are modern & luxury versions that look great!

Tub or Shower?

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, this is the great debate. Bathtub or shower? There is no right or wrong, there is only what’s best for you and your family. Both come in a variety of styles & materials, and both can offer therapeutic water flow options. Although there are a lot of similarities, there are far more differences. Tubs are often cheaper to install then showers, however showers usually take up less space. Showers are more accessible for elderly, wheelchair bound, and for people with mobility impairments, however, tubs are still considered essential to resale value. You will have to make the decision that is best for you, but don’t be scared to ask an expert. They can help you with that decision.

What Materials Work Best?

It is best to drill down the details of your bathroom remodel before you start the project. That means choosing all of the fixtures, materials, and finishes down to the hardware. This will also provide you with a realistic idea of how much your bathroom remodel will cost. Consider going to showrooms that will give you a real feel for the plumbing, lighting, flooring, cabinets, etc. This will allow for you to talk with professionals about your ideas and best products to achieve those goals.


Asking a professional for insight or recommendations will never hurt but could end up saving you a ton of money in the end! We hope this article provides you with information needed to accomplish your goal of having your dream bathroom, while saving you from some severe headaches in the future.

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