Why the right contractor can make or break your Kitchen Remodel

There is a reason why the kitchen area is referred to as the heart of any home: it’s the place where you and your loved ones gather together for cooking, eating, socializing, and, more. In the majority of homes, the kitchen area has turned into a multi-purpose, multi-functional room, which has an eating table, a computer table, entertainment area, and even a fireplace in some situations.

The kitchen is where you and your family start the day and it is often where some end it before heading to sleep. These and many more reasons are why choosing the right team for your kitchen remodel is crucial in turning your house into the home of your dreams.

Kitchens tend to become outdated quicker than other areas of your house. Not only are kitchens typically used more frequently than other rooms, they are often high traffic areas leading to your garage or backyard, creating unavoidable interaction with every aspect from the floor, to the countertops, cupboards, and lighting, causing those fixtures and areas to diminish more rapidly than other rooms. Not too mention kitchens tend to have more appliances and electronics than other rooms and with the rapid evolution of all things considered, the heart of your home can become seemingly dated faster than you’d like.

There is no doubt about the fact that kitchens are where memories are made and shared on a regular basis. With the importance of the kitchen in your family’s lives, it stands to reason that you should spend some time creating a functional yet beautiful space during your remodel.

ACME Home Interiors Kitchen Remodel
ACME Home Interiors Kitchen Remodel

Good news for those in need – kitchen remodeling can give what seems like your whole house a face-lift, and done properly by the right professional, can last for a lifetime with little to no maintenance or updates needed.

Here’s What You Need To Consider

Kitchen Layout

When you entertain, is there enough room for family and friends to gather outside of the main cooking area so they can chat and talk while they watch the food being prepared? Or must everyone stand inside the kitchen during this busy time because there is nowhere else to stand? Ask yourself these questions and ask your contractor what else should be considered. The answers may seem foreign but they will eventually become completely logical as you go through the process.

A common layout term referred to as the  “work triangle”, whose legs connect the fridge, the sink and the range, or the cooktop – has remained convenient for decades, since coined. A well-planned work triangle considerably lessens the steps cooks must take throughout dinner preparation and, if possible, delivers the comfort of not being interrupted by the traffic flow. While a good starting point, today, many other alternatives do exist and should be discussed. After all, your kitchen is used differently than anyone else uses theirs; so don’t be afraid to explore options prior to remodeling your kitchen.

Kitchen Style and Design

The style of your kitchen can be whatever you envision. That might be vintage or contemporary, informal, high – tech or just homey- whatever suits your family’s personal preferences the best. Given that the cupboards, counter tops, and appliances make up the basic components of any kitchen area, after the layout, you’ll need to decide what your overall design will be before selecting them.

Kitchen Components

Kitchen Flooring & Lighting

What is below you and what is above you must compliment each other for it all to work. Every kitchen should have a floor that is elegant and stylish, of course. Besides being attractive however, a kitchen floor has to be cozy underfoot, slip-resistant, watertight, easy to clean, and difficult to scratch or damage. Further more, a kitchen area might be practical and good looking. Yet, if it has poor lights, it will be a distressing and exhausting place even for quick cooking. You need a shadow-less lighting for the whole room, in addition to bright light for particular tasks. Countless options exist to make the top and bottom of your kitchen remodel perfect.

ACME Kitchen Flooring Example
Kitchen Lighting Example

Kitchen Cupboards

Your first challenges are deciding whether to keep the current cupboards, refurnish them, reface them, or simply change them entirely. Cupboards (along with countertops) are the front porch of your home, if you will. They are the first thing someone sees when they walk into your kitchen and they are what gives it much of the overall vibe you are going for. If you decide to change your cupboards entirely, A key consideration when designing them will be whether you want the overall design to be “fitted” and uniform, or “unfitted” and more eclectic. Ask your professional for more specifics.

ACME Kitchen Cabinets Example

Kitchen Counter Tops

Countertops are the “workhorses” of any kitchen and another intricate part of a kitchen remodel. They should withstand a lot of wear and tear and be durable yet appealing. Under the surface’s aesthetic appeal, you must consider its physical features. You want a counter top as water resistant and easily maintained as possible. However, countertops can get expensive – depending on the overall budget of your remodel, you must be sure to pay close attention to this portion and under stand what is needed vs what may be wanted.

ACME Kitchen Countertop Example

Kitchen Backsplashes

Backsplashes are yet another thing to consider. Many typical backsplashes extend between the counter top and the bottom of the top cupboards and the windows. Others are personalized and created and shaped solely for you. Nevertheless, backsplashes provide possibly the highest compliment or intangible to your overall design.

ACME Kitchen Backsplash Example

Kitchen Display and Storage

Rarely are cupboards enough. Island, racks, carts, shelves and even hutches and armoire are coming back in modern designs. Pantries, be it walk-in rooms, a wall cupboard or a closet, are perfect for processed and canned goods, paper products and smaller home appliances too.

Storage Idea Example

Kitchen Devices and Appliances

Mainly consisting of a fridge, a stove, and a dishwasher; your appliances are often the final touch. In addition to the norm, check out cooktops, combined stoves; wine cooling devices, streamers, warming doors, deep fryers, and other options as well.

ACME Kitchen Appliance Example



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